7 Days: day 7

Attack of Bitsy Bunting

I thought it only fitting to end my 7 days project with a photo of me doing my insane job. Have you not heard of what I do for money? I sell Tupperware and "Relationship Enhancement" products as a 1950's housewife named Bitsy Bunting. Think I'm kidding? Go check out my website.

Despite it being somewhat exhausting and requiring me to do MATH, it's a lot of fun. I get to meet amazingly fun people, get paid to drink and (apparently) make babies. See, the woman I was doing a show for tonight? Yeah, she attended one of my little events in February, bought some product and totally got knocked up. No Martini's for her tonight!

So I bid all the 7 dayer's goodnight, I'm tired and need to be up early to be taken up a mountain. Kisses my lovely 7 day friends, from Bitsy, your Domestic Bliss specialist!