Next time I'm totally telling her to get the good chocolate

For groceries we mostly shop at a co-op (produce, bulk bin granola and flour, etc) and Costco for big items (bread in bulk, eggs, frozen organic veg, etc). We rarely step foot into a Vons, Albertson, or other standard, brightly lit and colored grocery store. Last week for Mark's birthday I wanted to make him his favorite meal: Irish Lamb Stew and Pumpkin Pie. I needed Guinness for the stew so off to Vons we went, snagging one of the nifty car carts on our way in. Lily and Anya were having a blast "driving" all over the store and I was enjoying that they were (mostly) staying put and nobody was demanding "UP!"

We picked up the few items on the list and headed for check out. I pushed the behemoth cart contraption thingie into line and started to unload only to look down and see Anya waving a Twix around. "Hey, you! We don't need that!" and I reached in to extract the sweet when I noticed Lily trying to act casual. A closer look revealed a Twix of her own, mostly hidden under her leg. Yep, she was attempting to shoplift and knew it was wrong. I simply removed it from her and put it away, telling her that we don't take things that don't belong to us. The checker, who informed me he had six kids just laughed and waved off my apology.

Now I'm wondering how the other Mama would have handled it. Would she have sat Lily down for a chat or would she be playing it cool like I am? Would she get angry and fly off the handle? Seriously, which one is the better mother: the imagined mother in the mirror or the one in practice? Right now I'm settling on the real Mama being the good one, but anything bad that happens? I'm totally taking Lorien's advice and blaming all the crap on her.