You pick, I'm too tired

I have a slew of topics on which you all need updating or informing.

People are actually counting on me or expecting me to address said topics.

Some are rather banal, like the whole post brewing in my head about nursing jammies and my damn boobies refusing to stay in them.

Others are rather serious, like the fact that one of my very best friends in the whole world is divorcing her asshat husband who had sex with another woman less than 24 hours after she moved out for their "trial separation".

One topic is simply absurd and unbelievable, like the fact that my 21-month-old no longer wishes to use diapers and is having success (SUCCESS!) on the potty.

And one makes me shake my head and laugh, having to do with me on a television set with famous people and having to actually show you all video of me acting like a dork (which, by the way, technically means "penis." But not that kind of dork, the goofy, "gee, is this thing on?" kinda dork).

The question is, which topic do I tackle first? I'm too tired and cranky (can you say PMS?) to decide so I'll put it to a vote; which item would satisfy a burning need to know?


A for my boobies (no, no photos)

B for the asshat (lots of cussing)

C for the potty girl (yes, there are photos)

D for my Hollywood adventure (video and photos)

E for something of your choosing (and um, tell me what it is)