New Adventures of Old Christine

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from the lovely and talented Lisa Stone of BlogHer fame. She was looking for people near Los Angeles who could attend a tapping of a sitcom and write about it. Turns out CBS is reaching out to the bloggers, hoping to get some buzz going about their show The New Adventures of Old Christine. While it wasn't a paid writing gig, it looked like fun and once I roped my fellow Soccer Mom Lorien in to make the drive with me and keep me from feeling too awkward, it totally started to sound like fun.

We left children early on a Monday morning and headed to LA with stars in our eyes. We hit traffic. BECAUSE IT'S LA. But with only minutes to spare and a belly full of Taco Bell (I KNOW!) we found the proper parking structure and made our way to the CBS studios. There we met up with a whole slew of other talented and beautiful bloggers which included:

Amy Keroes and Dawn Dobras, founders of the popular working mother website Mommy Track’d, Erin Kane and Kristin Brandt, who created the website and podcast Manic Mommies – which features a weekly podcast available for download on Itunes and Yahoo; Melinda Roberts, better known as The Mommy Blog and author of Mommy Confidential, Liz Gumbinner, who is an advertising agency executive by day and pens the wildly successful blogs Cool Mom Picks and Mom101; Sara Fisher, a part-time public relations executive and author of the blog, The Self Made Mom; Tim Clark, who is better known as L.A. Daddy; as well as four contributors from BlogHer including: Elaine, author of Wannabe Hippie, Lorien Silverleaf, contributor to The Soccer Mom Vote, Yvonne from Joy Unexpected; and Liz Rizzo author of Everyday Goddess.

It was like a whole room full of legends. And me. In the sweater my husband likes to refer to as "frumpy." HEY, it's all I have these days, shut up!

Anywho, we milled about trying not to look awkward (damn, bringing Lorien didn't save me from that) and then gathered for an interview with the cast. Like ALL of them. I've never been star struck, but there was a video crew complete with boom mic, a photographer who was a doll, not to mention all the STARS sitting right there, waiting for us to ask intelligent questions. OH! And we had to record these little intros for the video segment, which nobody told us about in advance. Thus the dorkdum began.

Anyway, you can see my question on the video and in hindsight, I totally insulted them all. "Hi!" I said, "I know you love your little tv show, but theatre is better. Tell me I'm right!" Such a dork.

The interview revealed the following: Wanda Sykes is as funny in person as on the screen and I totally want to be her best friend; Julia Louis Dreyfus is tiny and adorable and I tried to put her in my pocket (she didn't fit); Clark Gregg is hot and used to do a crapload of theatre which makes him more hot; Hamish Linklater is the class clown and is doing Hamlet at South Coast Rep, therefore HOT!; Emily Rutherfurd, who comes across kinda everyday-cute on the show is way more than everyday-cute in person, but she doesn't fit in my pocket either; Alex Kapp Homer and Tricia O'Kelley may be Meanie Moms on the show but are wicked nice over coffee and cake; and finally Kari Lizer, the shows executive producer and creator is one crafty and fantastic woman. OH, and lets not forget that I am a dork.

After the interview we got to see a wee bit of rehearsal and then they shuttled us off to a coffee house (which was closed down for us because you just can't put that much fabulous in a room and not expect the normal people to melt) where we got free caffeine and cake and sat around chatting with the Meanie Mom's Alex Kapp Homer and Tricia O'Kelley. I was somehow astonished to hear that these beautiful, talented and famous women would have some of the same parenting issues as us little people. Duh.

It was a long day, exhausting and exciting and I smiled so much my cheeks hurt. We made the trip home quickly (no traffic? Is this really Los Angeles?) and came home to sleeping children and a happy husband who had enjoyed his day with the girls.

The show starts its new season this Monday, March 12th at 8:30pm on CBS. It's refreshing to see a show about a single working mom who has a healthy relationship with her ex. Check it out. And now you are one degree away from a whole heap of amazing people (bloggers and famous people alike). You're welcome.

Click on the photo for the whole set:

Lorien and I recording the video intro for the Soccer Mom Vote

And the video showing my rise to dorkdom! ALL HAIL ME, THE QUEEN OF THE DORKS!