Mountain Getaway

I'm home now, to the smiles and hugs of my little girls, so eager and happy to see me. I arrived back while the girls were napping and was able to unpack and cuddle with Mark for a bit before Anya woke up and settled into me eagerly, nursing contently and touching me over and over with her little hand, as though she feared I would disappear at a moments notice.

I had such a wonderful time and had a moment when packing to come home where I wanted to stomp my feet and yell, "I don't WANT to go home yet!" like a petulant kid at summer camp. It was mostly relaxing but started off with a bit of excitement. The cabin is set up so that you enter a door code into the garage door and then enter through the connecting door into the downstairs of the house. Someone had locked that door, which they were not supposed to do and so we couldn't get in. I called my uncle to see if a key was hidden somewhere (it was not) and after he agreed to pop into the car and make the 90 minute drive, Diane found an unlocked window. I told my uncle I'd call him back in ten and after we tugged and wedged and knocked things off and bent up a frame a bit, we're finally able to hoist tiny Diane up and through so she could unlock a door.

Once we got in, it was smooth sailing and an easy weekend of talking, relaxing, playing, sitting quietly, cooking (and eating) and walking in the woods. We had two others join us for the day on Saturday and three more come Saturday afternoon and stay through Sunday. A perfectly delightful weekend.

Now I am tired and need to go cuddle with the husband so I leave you some images. Click on the photo for the whole set.


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