make me purdy

Monday night at Knitting Group, I had a fantastic conversation with a friend who has been part of my circle since High School. She pointed out that she always feels like that when her clothes don't fit right. And you know, she's right. I have my little self confidence crisis's when I look in the mirror and see my clothes bunching or pinching or just looking like utter and complete crap.

Is it way too shallow to think that a new set of duds would make me feel better about myself? See, I hate shopping. Especially when it's for me. I hate the process, the idea of spending money on myself, the whole self doubt about how I look in this, that or the other thing. It's not fun for me like it is for so many others. And I feel guilty when I spend money on myself, thinking instead about what the kids need or how I could better spend the money on my family.

But I'm starting to think that there is a reason women buy themselves something pretty when they feel down. Looking good makes us feel good. I don't know that it should be tied in that way, but it is.

So here's your assignment (if you choose to accept it):

Go out on the web and find one item of clothing you think would look good on me. Be nice. I need some inspiration and I think you all can help me get it. Wanna play? Leave your link in the comments.