Our roles so clearly defined

Yesterday while driving the girls home from a visit with my mom, Lily and I started talking about death. She's just discovering this concept and has a whole lot of questions about it. Apparently, yesterday was all about how my death would affect her.

"If Mommy died, I would have to drive the car but I don't know how to drive the car. So I wouldn't be able to go to the store. Nope. I wouldn't be able to go to the park. Nope. I wouldn't be able to go to Grandma's. Nope. I wouldn't be able to go to the... um, market. Nope." She carried on in this fashion for a while, thinking of all the places she'd miss out on after my untimely demise. I finally stopped her by pointing out that Daddy can drive her places. She's was down with that and quickly recovered from my imaginary death.

At first I was offended by this but then it occurred to me: if I had enough money to hire a chuffer, I could totally retire from parenting. Awesome. It's always nice to have options.

She also pointed out, after I suggested that we should all aim to die when we are old and gray, that Daddy was really old. I guess I have to stop referring to him as my "old man." Otherwise she's going to be studying him for grayness and then start freaking out about his approaching death. Although I don't know, she may not freak out at all. You know, as long as we promise someone else will be available to drive her around.

Any volunteers?