Too scattered for paragraphs

I haven't picked up my camera in days

Anya is suffering big time from a wicked case of hay fever

She's also almost two and showing off the tantrums to prove it

Lily sleeps with books under her pillow

Anya fell asleep the other night with a book on her head

Family from England here on Monday

Running off for a weekend at the cabin next week, sans kids and husband (girlfriends only)

Giddy over that last one

Cooked a full dinner tonight, then packed it up for friends who just had a baby and then Anya and I went out to dinner with friends while Mark and Lily delivered the goods

Felt kinda odd sitting there ordering food with the scent of friend rice and egg drop soup on my hands

Ignoring someone who needs ignoring

Met an amazing woman yesterday while hiding out at a coffee shop (alone) to do taxes prep

Taxes are due in 10 days and we're so not ready

Potential (part time) job offer for me

Freaking out some

Really giddy some

Three divorces swirling around me

Holding on tight to my love




Full of anticipation about big shifts coming

Losing my mind a wee bit

Finding joy a whole lot

Mostly? Spinning out of control

And that's OK