Yay for clean teeth

The girls had their first dental appointment today so we started off our morning playing pretend. First it was Mark's turn to be the patient while I was the doctor, then we switched. After that, Lily was all over it, introducing herself as "Doctor Lily" to each of her three patients and poking her straw and flashlight into our mouths to count our teeth (she's still not so good at counting, so Mark has 18 teeth on top while I have only 13). She even checked Anya's teeth. It was pretty awesome as she not only dug the role-playing but really had a passion for being in charge.

Once we arrived at the actual dentist office, she got right down to the business of playing in the toy room. She and her sister popped the head off a Barbie like, 300 times. When it was our turn to head back, she switched right over to crying, something she often does when confronted with a new experience. With some prompting and bribing and the opportunity to sit on Daddy's lap, she warmed up to the experience. That and the hygienist was awesome. She introduced Lily to the silly straw (suction), the tickle toothbrush (whirly teeth cleaning thing) and the magic wand (water squirter/air thingie) by showing them how they felt on a finger or arm. It was way better than I thought it would be. We even got some digital images of her teeth and were appropriately fascinated by the picture of her current teeth with the adult teeth underneath them. It was cool. And once Anya saw how easy it was on Lily, she just laid down on my lap, opened her mouth and waved her new toothbrush around like it was a prize.

Overall a nice first visit and some healthy teeth. Both girls learned to floss (or "flost" as Lily kept calling it) and begged us to let them brush when we got home. And then after nap. And on the way home from the grocery store. And right after dinner. Awesome.

Of course I took pictures. Here we are practicing this morning:

Pretending at home

followed up by the real thing and a happy post-cleaning Lily, walking off into the day with her loot:

Yay for clean teeth

Click on the photos for larger version, although you may have to be one of my "friends" to view them.


I just wrote a whole post, complete with photos, about going to the dentist. I'm pretty sure you can all abandon me now for something more interesting. For instance, I hear paint drying can be FASCINATING! But hey, this blog thingie is supposed to be for my girls and maybe it'll be really important for them to know about their first trip to the dentist someday. Like, if one of them becomes a dentist. Or develop a teeth fetish. OK, that's just creepy. I need to stop typing now.