I've had a deeply emotional day.

Some of it has been the emotional brilliance of watching my two girls run wild at a park, arms twirling above their heads and feet jumping rhythmically to music only they can hear.

Some of it has been the raw emotion of sitting with friends while loss is laid out in a thin line of grief and wrapped around my heart.

Some of it is the unexpected joy of listening to that same grief turn to laughter as women find their way to the gentle parts of togetherness and healing.

Some was the sorrow over discovering something that has been a long time coming and cannot be talked about here.

Some of it was the frustration of my husband leaving town again for work and trying to get silly kids to bed when they so clearly didn't want to stop the party, Anya popping up out of bed repeatedly and licking the window, back and forth while giggling delightedly.

But mostly, it's the realization of my utter dumb luck to have the life I have. Lucky even when I am exhausted by emotions and small children with peanut butter fingers and dog prints through the house from the mud created by my girls attempts to water the garden and the husband's job constantly taking him away and never as scheduled. Even when I feel like it is all too much I stop and look around and see that it really IS all too much and I am so fortunate to have each and every moment of it. I am blessed. Deeply. Completely. Totally.

And that? Well, that's Mother's Day.