Yay for vacations!

You may notice I've been a wee bit quiet. Or maybe you didn't, it's always hard to say. Anyway, I'm out of town, enjoying some kid free time with my girlfriend Allyn in the Bay Area while Mark and the girls visit with Grandma. They dropped me off after a night at her new little apartment and waved happily at me as they drove off, the dog sticking her tongue out at me in that goofy lab way.

Allyn doesn't have internet access at her home (shocking, I know!) so my updates will be spotty, at best. But so far, we're having a blast. Yesterday we went shopping and then out to dinner with a friend for Eritrean food then home to sleep. And sleep. And some more sleep. Thus far today we've had a lovely trip to the Farmers Market, a sinful breakfast and are now lounging in a café sipping chai while I get my internet fix (which turned into a trip to Allyn's friends house since the café and my computer stopped getting along). We head into the city tonight to visit another friend and do something silly. Followed by more sleep. Damn, I love sleep.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I get a tattoo. Unless I don't.

Wednesday I rejoin the family for a couple more days at Grandma's (where they have dial up. DIAL UP!) before we head back home. Over all a delightful opportunity to run and play and eat brilliant food while giggling about silly things. Can't beat that with a stick.

PS I'll get to the interview questions as soon as I get back, pinky swear.