Family Circle

So yeah.

I got a tattoo.

And it wasn't that bad. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't call it a delightful experience or anything, but it wasn't the agonizing, endless discomfort that I thought it would be. It helped that the guy doing my tattoo was a doll: encouraging me and praising how well I was doing while keeping me distracted. His face lit up when I explained the significance of the image and he said, "Awesome, a family circle!" And I like that description. He was cute, too. Mark enjoyed teasing me about that.

But really, it was fine. Some parts were pretty painful, others not so much. The more I rambled on about home birthing and the like, the less I really felt what he was doing. He confessed later that he always tries to get clients talking about a more painful experience as it seems to put things into perspective for them. Smart man. See why I liked him? And did I mention he was cute?


The photos are over at flickr in a set (click on the pic above to take you there), but you have to be listed a a "friend" to view them. You can email me if you'd like a temporary pass. Once the color calms down I'll post a photo of the tattoo for you all here.

P.S. We went to Sean at FTW Tattoo Parlor in Oakland, CA for any of you in the area who are looking for a good experience.