Sugar is a wicked awesome drug

We had a mostly lovely day for Anya's second birthday. We started the day nursing, after a nine day break. And yes, I'm totally OK with that. She's not done, even if I am. And really, I can deal with one or two nursing breaks a day for a while longer. Besides, the poor thing is really getting slammed by allergies this year and it's just not fair to take away something that gives her such comfort. So yeah, it's all good.

SO THEN! We packed the whole family into the car and took a grand ol' trip to the doctor! It was well baby kid time and they are. Well, I mean. Both of them. Other than Anya being attacked by the evil allergy bug. But I love my doctor because instead of suggesting useless (if not harmful) antibiotics, he suggested we finally get around to tearing out our carpet and looking into some herbal support. Rock on with your bad self, Dr. Man. We puffy heart you.

From there we hit the girls favorite treat: Jamba Juice (seriously, "Jamba" was one of Anya's first words). Then home to play and nap.

And THEN! For "Dinner"! We had dessert! We went to this extraordinary dessert place and spent $20 for two brilliant confections and a cup of delightful hot cocoa. And it was worth it. The girls finished the piece they shared and then ran around in circles flapping their arms and "la la laing" with chocolate smeared across their faces and hands. Anya even did this crazy, crouched walk thing with her arms behind her like wings while going "lo lo lo" in this funny high pitched voice. It was like crack for kids. Only better.

Now they're in bed, crashed hard from the high. An excellent second birthday for any kid, I hope. We're having a tiny family/close friend's party in another couple of weeks for both the girls, instead of the set of crazy kid benders we had for their first and third birthdays. I just can't handle all that this year. I'm hoping that her playgroup friends will forgive me if I simply bring cupcakes to the park for our regularly scheduled playgroups.

But yeah. She's two. And Lily turns four in 24 days. And I don't have a baby anymore. And I won't ever again.

And I'm totally OK with that.


Now if you need me, I'll be off staring at her tiny baby things and trying not to cry.