Anya's first story

Scene: a couple of weeks ago. It's late afternoon and Anya is waiting in the living room for her daddy to come home. She's playing, but distracted. Mark enters through the front door and she rushes forward eagerly.

Anya: PAPA!

Mark: Hi, Anya!

Anya: Elephant. TWO elephant.

Mark: Two elephants?

Anya: Yeah. Scare you.

Mark: They scared you?

Anya: Yeah. Scare you. Home.

Mark: They scared you and you wanted to go home?

Anya: Yeah. Home. Elephant.

Mark: Yeah?

Anya: Yeah. Two elephant.

And with that she ran off to play happily. I guess our trip to the zoo that day was memorable. And no, I didn't take her straight home as she requested; we ended up having a blast looking at the other animals. And the next time she went to the zoo, she was just fine with the elephants.

Look, Mommy!