Beach Dancers

dancing at the beach

We went out to one of our favorite beach burger joints tonight and Mark and I were both shocked to discover that we may be over the place. After all the good clean(ish) eating we've been doing over the last year, fast food has lost its luster. Huh. Who knew?

But we took a lovely little walk afterwards and played with our shadows on the grass near the beach. We ran in circles, chasing and dancing and rolling around on the ground, collapsing to stare up at the palm trees. It was, in short, the perfect end to a not so great meal.

I think we really need to get out in the evening more often. Everything seems to be so much easier when the girls have run a little wild and inhaled some fresh air. It's a hard balance to strike though as we ended up having to march quickly out of a store when Lily simply stopped listening to anything I said. Then the struggle of bedtime, which up until a couple weeks ago had been going so smoothly. For some reason, things are just so hard lately and I end up cranky and frustrated at bedtime. We're working on it.

But hey, I look at that photo of Anya above and I just laugh out loud, remembering her constant demand to "big hug" or "kiss! kiss!" as she smooches me hard and follows it with a huge "MWAH!" sound. Life is so perfect in these moments. And really, all I can ask is to dance at the beach with my family every once in a while.