County Fair! Weeeeee!

Mark didn't have work today so we decided to run off to spend the day at the fair, avoiding the weekend crowds. It was awesome, not too hot, not too crowded, just a perfect day of discovering how badly one can abuse their own body. For the first time ever, Lily was totally into the rides, announcing which ride she wanted to go on next before she even got off the one she was currently enjoying. We spent $40 in ride tickets and Lily was positively spinning with joy at all the wicked good fun. Anya, on the other hand, thought the rides were really cool, but didn't really want to go on them. No. Looking at them was lovely and it was even better to pretend to want to go on the ride, but actually go on. Not so much. She did do a couple with me, but I think the experience was lost on her. Just wait until next year, methinks. Ah the pure joy of a child at the fair.

Anyway, you'll all have to forgive me. On the way up their I realized I had forgotten the camera. When I mentioned that to Lily she told me in the nicest voice possible, "I'm sorry Mommy, but we just can't go back for it. You can bring it next time. You OK?" Yep, that's my girl. So I took a few videos with my phone and they are spectacularly bad. Not only is the quality rubbish but in every single one of them you have to listen to me act like an idiot. I was trying to make the ride exciting for Anya by cheering on Lily. I was also doing my best to ensure that Lily didn't suddenly freak out at a new ride and try to escape it mid go. Turns out I really didn't have to worry about her in the least. Want to see? Granted. You can thank me later (I like ice cream and chocolate and funnel cake and PiƱa Coladas and getting caught in the rain, just in case you weren't sure how exactly to express your gratitude).

Her first ride was the flying elephant one:

Anya thought that the elephants were brilliant and wouldn't stop talking about them. She'd even dash over and point eagerly at the ride. But when asked if she wanted to go? She'd form a little "O" mouth and say, "Ah no" as though you'd thought maybe she'd like a little cream in her coffee? "Ah no, I'm all good here, thank you very much!"

From there it was the Caterpillar Roller Coaster with me! With me! I love roller coasters (you can add it to my list above if you'd like) and she loved it so much she went again, with Mark:

Anya was actually totally willing to go on that one and was trying to climb aboard when the dude running that ride informed us she was too little. Next year, my little caterpillar girl.

The canoe was also a big hit and she went twice. Anya went as far as touching one of the boats but when I tried to place her inside with her sister (since us big people couldn't go) she once again refused the cream in her coffee. She wasn't taking sugar either. Here's Lily going round:

Finally there were the bumper boats where she spent the first half of the ride simply spinning in circles. She didn't get the steering but once Mark explained it to her she was on the road to happiness. Then one of the ride attendants came and dragged her to the exit. Ride over, kid. Get out.

So there you go. Us at the fair in stunningly bad film quality. YAY! Mark and I are hoping to get a babysitter one of these days and go back to ride the big kid rides. And eat funnel cake. And maybe get caught in the rain, it's hard to say. Anyone want to come along?