wherein I freak out a little

In the last couple of weeks Lily has:

dumped an entire 7 oz bottle of shampoo into the tub because she wanted bubbles

eaten an entire tube of toothpaste (non-fluoride, thank goodness)

smuggled an entire bottle of Hyland's teething tabs into her bed, eating most

and this morning, brought me a half empty bottle of Gripe Water, left over from the colicky days of newborns, with the smell of it on her breath (while insisting she didn't taste it at all).

This scares the shit out of me.

Most of the "medicine" we have around this place is homeopathic, but that doesn't mean that something she ingests won't hurt her. We've spoken to her about this repeatedly, even yelled and then followed it up by telling her how frightened it makes us. This morning, I emptied the girls bathroom of anything I thought could hurt her and am considering going back for the benign things, just in case they aren't. In some ways this goes against our whole parenting philosophy of allowing a child to learn to be responsible in normal surroundings (we never really did baby proof anything but the kitchen cabinets and that was just because I was tired of cleaning up my pots and pans). But if she's not getting the danger, then I have to do something. She's learned that she and her sister get one vitamin a day and is actually really good at not exceeding that, despite the fact that she figured out the child proof cap lickety-split.

I don't want to spend my life locking up all potential danger. I want her to learn to recognize and avoid it on her own. And shouldn't she be past this? Mark says she's just learning what she can open and once she gets the child proof cap off, wants to see what the stuff inside tastes like. But I thought we'd be over this by four. Although to be honest, she never was much of a mouther, so maybe she's making up for that now.

So what do I do? Keep moving things out of sight and hope that makes them out of mind? Remove everything to the shed, including cleaning products (we mostly use products like "Method" with fantastic little labels reading "If product is accidentally ingested, drink full glass of water to dilute")? Buy a locking cabinet to keep in the house? Hope it's a phase that she'll just get though alive? And how far will this go? Will she try things at other peoples houses? Will I suddenly have to watch her like a hawk all the time when I was just getting used to having two kids who could play on their own?

How would you keep your children safe in a case like this?