good mom

Today was Lily's fourth birthday. As in FOUR. As in I have been a mom for four years and she's not yet robbed a bank! Weeeee!

But seriously, we had an awesome day with a party in the park with playgroup friends, two of which share birthdays in this same week. There was pizza! and Jamba Juice! and swings! and it was fabulous. Then we went and picked up Mark and it was back to the fair. You know, the fair? Where Lily wants to live? Yes, that's the place. No naps were had and so therefor, after seeing a friend dance on a stage (thrilling and wonderful for all involved) melt downs ensued and we had to book it for home. But over all, a brilliant fourth birthday. She even kept telling us, "I'm SO happy to be FOUR!"

But there was one moment that I must share in detail. Mark had packed the snack bag and in a flash of brilliant had put together two Tupperware containers of strawberries. Because of this, both sister could hold their own box of little red gems and not have to share with the other. Lily asked why we had two containers and I told her, "Because your father is a very smart man."

"Are you smart, Mom?"

"What do you think, Love?"

She thought about it for a moment and replied, "You're a good mom. But you are not a smart mom."

I may not be smart, but I know what love is. Now someone pass me the damn box of chocolates.