How long can a family go without hot water?

Me: Hey Mark, we don't have any hot water!

Mark: [pause, then a sigh] OK.

He heads into the kitchen for a lighter, then disappears under the house.

A couple minutes later:

Mark: So, I guess it's about time we look into that tankless water heater we've been talking about.

Me: Ah, crap.

At least I just washed the diapers a day ago. And I got a shower yesterday (Mark is not so lucky). The girls are a mess, but they might get a giggle out of a bathtub filled with the big stove pot.

Or maybe, this husband of mine will surprise me and have the whole thing working before he leaves town for a gig. Tomorrow.

Good times.



We now have no water, at all.

And no gas.

And a growing hole in the wall made deliberately by my husband (see it's final size here).

And an old rusty water heater in the yard, next to the old toilet.

And I'm considering just putting a sign up in our yard reading, "DUMP"

But we also have a new flash water heater on the wall.

Which has no power (not yet plugged in).

Or, you know, water in it.

Or a proper sized gas pipe running into it.

But it's on the wall!

AND! And I have a new camera with which to distract myself.

Now, if I can only distract the hungry, dirty children who expect me to fix them dinner with no water or gas for the oven. Of course, I do have a microwave and a toaster oven as well as an electric steamer thingie. Even with those items that DO work and would make it possible for me to put together a meal, I'm hoping to go pick up pizza. And then run off to see a movie. WIthout the dirty, yet highly useful husband.

Keep your finger crossed for me.



I didn't get to go to the movie.


My man totally came through.