Library Days

library girls

As is the case with most things, we stole an idea and are attempting to run with it. We've started doing library themes where we pick a subject and find a whole mess of books on that theme at our local library. Last time it was snakes, prompted no doubt by this visitor. Today we returned the snakes and ransacked the collections for books on ballerinas, an ongoing obsession of Lily's. We've also been catching ballet performances on YouTube and she starts up her latest round of dance classes at the Rec Center on the 7th. We are so covered in pink tutus and fancy feet.

There's something pretty remarkable about watching my girls make their way through the library. They are instantly in home there, which makes sense when you consider we have about 1,000 books at our house. When we do the addition to our house (someday) we plan on turning one of our rooms into a library and currently refer to it as such. It's a lovely way to confuse guests when they walk into that room and the only books in it are the ones stacked on the floor next to the guest bed where Lily sometimes sleeps. But I long for the day when that room will be floor to ceiling books. I know a playgroup mama who has rows and rows of shelves in her home, her vast collection organized by subject with little tags and everything. I so want to make out with her. I guess I'll just have to settle for being like her. Someday.

Despite the challenge of keeping an eye on both girls and finding the books on my list (I like to look them up before I get there, since being chained to the computer and trying to write down titles while keeping track of my book happy heathens can be... interesting) I do look forward to these trips. Today the girls settled into their own little stations, one sitting at a computer and the other at a table, stacks of books before them. As ZebraBelly said, they DO look so much older in the above shot. I can only hope they have the same passion for books and libraries when they are older.

Here's what we picked up today (trying out Library Thing's widget maker, let's hope it only shows the ones I want):