My house, she screams in pain

My house is falling apart. Seriously, if you look at my recent photos over at Flickr, all you see if destruction. Today it was a broken window in the living room, to which we applied a white trash fix of tape. Because we're classy like that. Earlier in the week it was the water heater. We took it out and put it next to the defunct toilet (you know, the toilet that used to live on our deck). Last week we had a leak in the bathtub, which dripped from the upstairs into the master bath, conveniently right into the toilet. Now there's a huge hole in the wall of the girls bedroom (which totally freaked out Anya the first night... she did have to sleep right near it), so Mark could get in there and fix it. And have I mentioned the lack of a ceiling in the pretend library? I guess it's better to have no ceiling than one that leaks when it rains, right? The floors are coming up all over the place, the carpet looks like it was installed and then shat on by monkeys, my dining room table is suddenly taking on rings like it's craving a makeover.

I'm thinking next we'll just take the sledgehammer and start running around the house smashing things willy-nilly. It's summer after all, we could use the cross breeze.

How about you? Is your house falling apart or do you have it all together? I want lists, people.