like Chinese water torture for geeks

My computer is running painfully slow, taunting me with hints of what my email would be if only I could open it up. It's giving me a glimpse of my calendar, but only for the next few days, claiming it can't load the rest. Bloglines is also giving me a taste of what you all are saying, but not allowing anything to load in what I consider a timely manner. Overall, it's making me want to throw things.

Will this even post? Or will it just sit here, mocking me for the next five hours, only pretending to post this entry.

"Loading", my ass.

So yeah, if there was anything you ever wanted to say to me but were afraid to do so (or shy, whatever), say it now. I'll never be able to read the comment anyway.

ETA: DUDE. Not only did it post, but it posted TWICE. It's totally messing with me.