$320 to fly

The girls got to bed late last night after my sis, her husband and daughter, my dad and step-mom all came over for dinner. Poor Mark overdid it a bit, but still helped get the girls to bed while I cleaned up and tried to unwind from a day caring for everyone. Mark is doing great and asking very little of me, but I'm burning on little sleep (usually we trade off who gets to sleep in as we're theatre folk and therefore, night owls) and feeling closed in. I'm trying really hard not to think about Chicago and my friends and those women who were to become my friends this weekend and instead focus on where I need to be rather than where I wanted to be.

Mostly, I'm OK with missing BlogHer. I understand where I am needed and when it comes down to it, choosing my family over a conference is a no-brainer. But it's still hard to see the photos and read the summaries and picture the parties, wanting to be part of something for which I was asked to participate in.

So when Anya woke at 3:30am and I trudged upstairs to cuddle her in my arms, not returning to my own bed until five, I was so very appreciative when just an hour later the girls awoke for the day and I found Mark heading up to attend to their needs. I didn't even have the energy to feel guilty.

And now I am consumed with one question: where should the $320 credit I have with Southwest Airlines take me? Any suggestions? I'm itching to escape.