Mama Says Om Creative Challenge 1

MSO Weekly Challenge 1


Over at Mama Says Om, Christina posted a brilliant photo challenge for the week (but then, you already know that, because you went and checked out MSO... like I told you to!).  She writes:

This is a dare. Find good light: late afternoon is preferable, when the sunlight falls in long golden angles through the window or the trees. Take some pictures. Of your face. Of you. Good pictures, that you can love...

(click the quote to read the rest of the challenge) 

So today while having a picnic lunch ALL BY MYSELF I pulled out the camera and took a few shots.  It was so lovely to lay there in the sun while my children played at Grandma's house and I sat far away atop a hill, alone.  Of course, as soon as lunch was over there were groceries to buy, caulk needed from the hardware store (which sounds so dirty when you say it aloud, but not so much when you type it), and endless chores; but those moments under that tree made me feel oh so much more connected to myself.  Granted, these are no glamour shots.  Noooo.  But they made me feel like I could look back on them one day and see that there wasn't always chaos in my face. 

What about you?  Will you step up and look at yourself in the sun?