out of office

I'm heading out of town tomorrow to attend a wedding in another state.  The husband and kidlets are staying behind and while I'm looking forward to a little time away things have been so emotional around here lately that I fear I'm going to miss the hell out of their sweet, supportive faces.  Every time I've burst into tears lately, I've been able to gather Anya or Lily into my lap and bury my nose in their perfect little locks.  And nobody puts things into perspective like the Mister.  He's brilliant.  But this wedding is one I've been looking forward to for years with the bride to be and I am so honored to get to be there to support her on her wedding day. 

So if you need me, I'll be in the desert, standing in a circle with 20-something others while we bless and celebrate an awesome union.  And no, I'm not taking my computer with me.

See you after the weekend.