suck, suckier, suckiest

Item the first (aka "suck"):
Remember how I was all jazzed (shut up, I was an impressionable kid in the 80's) about Anya learning to use the potty while I was away?
Yeah, she quit that.  Now my question of, "Need to go potty?" is met with a defiant, "NOOOOOO!" followed by her peeing in the corner of the kitchen not five minutes later. 

We're back to diapers almost full time. 

Item the second (aka "suckier"):
Last year we noticed that my dog was having trouble in the mornings on certain days.  Instead of annoying us for breakfast, she'd just lay there on her bed shaking, refusing to move no matter what you did.  It usually lasted no more than about 30 minutes and happened only once every few weeks.  And then it suddenly stopped.  OK.

On Friday, it happened again. We called the vet and got her in about two hours later.  Turns out my seven-year-old lab has arthritis in her right knee.  The reason she stopped showing signs was because the weather warmed up.  Now that it's cooling down, she's having trouble again.  Poor pooch.  We've started her on Glucosamine and Chondroitin and are looking into a warming bed for cold nights.  We're staying away from anti-inflammatory drugs for now.  Anyone with tips for a sore doggy?  She's supa cute and could use some loving thoughts.

Item the Third (aka "suckiest"):
A friends baby is going in for heart surgery tomorrow morning.  At about 8am PST think really freaking-awesome-good-brilliant-thoughts, mkay?