Happy Birthday to ME!

Mark got me a little chocolate for my birthday this year, but I don't have to worry about it adding weight to my already bodacious bod.  Which made me oh so happy because my old phone kept hanging up on people after about 20 minutes and I need no more bodaciousness. 

The birthday festivities started out on Sunday with a fantastic group of friends coming out for dinner at a yummy Thai place.  Anya clung to me most of the time and Lily fell off a wall she tried to scale, but there were balloons and great food and wonderful friends and ice cream, so it all balanced out.  Monday we went to my sisters to celebrate my niece's birthday and all sat around inside trying not to melt.  The power went out twice. 

Today is the actual day of birth and Mark isn't working so I slept in a wee bit and am blogging in my jammies at 8:30am!  Whawhooo!  Who knows what other joys the day will bring.

In other news my friend had her baby yesterday at 42 weeks and one hour*.  Thankfully her homebirth midwife, who had told her if she went past 42 weeks would not attend her homebirth, allowed that hour to slip by unnoticed.  She gave birth peacefully in her living room to a beautiful, healthy baby girl who weighed in at an awesome 8lbs, 14oz.  Welcome to this world, little bug.  I'm happy to have almost shared a birthday with you!

How was your labor day weekend?  Any plans for my birthday today? 

*ETA: I was wrong, she went INTO labor at 41 weeks, 6 days and about 1 hour, so had baby come ON my birthday, she would have been asked to birth in the hospital.  As it was, she was totally under the wire. And she's BEAUTIFUL!