news flash!: Dora sets up unrealistic expectations!

Lily had her second haircut today!  At least, I think it was her second.  Could have been her third... I'm really horrid at remembering that kind of thing.  I guess that's not really the point, is it?  Let's start over, shall we?

Lily had a haircut today! She was a wee bit resistant to the whole thing as she has been trying her hardest to grow her hair out "long long long!"  About a year ago she saw an episode of Dora where Dora starts brushing her hair and as she does so her hair grows longer and longer and she becomes a princess.  Freaking Dora.  We don't allow her to watch such crap anymore.  Anyway, this has resulted in a year of catching her with a brush, stroking her hair and muttering about becoming a pretty pretty princess.  This would be brilliant if she didn't have curly hair.  Any curl girl will tell you that you do NOT, under any circumstances, brush curly hair when dry.  Not unless you're going for the Gilda look.  The tangles alone have resulted in spending about 1/6 of her life sitting around while Mark or I struggle to tame her mop top.  But she's determined to reach princess status and is convinced her hair is her ticket into that life.  Therefore the suggestion that we should cut a teeny tiny bit off was not met with shrieks of glee.  Luckily she believed me when I told her that healthy hair grows faster and it can't be healthy when it has all those frantic brush induced split ends. Well, she believed me that it was a good idea to trim it a bit, not that she should stop brushing it.

Regardless, I needed to distract her during the actual cutting process.  My camera turned out to be just the trick.  She made faces for me and then I immediately showed her the result, something I never allow.  She was thrilled that she got to indulge in the instant gratification portion of the haircut and before you knew it a nice tiny pile of the last inch of her hair had made it's way to the floor.  Here's a few of the snaps I captured of her making faces for me:

The many faces of Lily

I lost a bit more than an inch.   I was thinking of growing it long long long! as well, but discovered I liked it best at about shoulder length.  Here's the finished look (photo by Lily, with me trying to steady the camera) on my cut:

My new hair length