Uncle Steve!

With Mark's brother here only a few more days we packed up the van and headed up to the Mountain on Sunday for a quick overnight.  Most of the snow had melted but there were still patches here and there to play in.  Some spots had frozen over making the snow slippery to walk on and had Lily giggling with delight every time she rode the snow down a slope.  She took a spill though and wanted to hang onto her dad, often dangling from him like a rag doll when her feet went rushing out from under her on our walk.  Anya is still so suspicious of the snow preferring not to touch or walk on it and instead enjoyed the view from her Uncle's arms. 



That night after a dinner of lentils and sausage, the boys played game after game of darts, we watched a movie and then I soaked in the big tub.  We lazed around the next day, taking our time while I baked scones and just enjoyed the lovely weather and space together.  This morning we said goodbye to Uncle Steve and are already missing him.  It was great to have him here and lovely to watch him with the girls.  Mark's always so much happier with his brother by his side.  We couldn't ask for a better way to end 2007.