one week

I have this friend who will call me up and demand that I bring her my children so her kid will leave her alone.  Then she tells me to go take a nap.  I love her.  Today I'm hanging out at her house with all three girls while she and her baby-daddy go get some ideas for their bathroom remodel.  Lily has already thrown a tantrum and Anya has peed in her underwear.  Her daughter?  Complete angel.  I kinda want to see if I can switch them out when I go home.  Do you think she'd notice that she now had two daughters and that neither of them are her own? 

Mark's across the country for work; it's the first time in a long time since he's had to travel and while I am freaked out there's a part of me that's hoping this time will be different.  As they get older my girls do get easier.  And with friends offering to take over when needed, I feel like I have an escape plan.  I've also made sure I have babysitting for a couple nights this week so I can still go to knitting and attend the first night of the book club I've started.  After all, it's be stupid to start a book club and then not be able to go to the first meeting. 

But hey, if things get kinda dark around here for a couple of days, it's just me losing my ever loving mind.  No worries.  I'll be human again a week from tomorrow. 

Who knows, though.  I should leave the universe open to the possibility that it'll be a grand time for all and I'll be productive and happy and handle the girls with grace.  It could happen.