lack of sleep and single parenting has reduced me to this

The good news: Anya has almost entirely kicked the diaper habit.  I have totally started inventorying my cloth diapers to sell/give away.
The bad news: She hasn't pooped in FIVE days.


Seriously, I even resorted to offering her chocolate if she'd just poop.  She tried really really hard and yet, nothing more than a wee fart.  I am weak and gave her the chocolate anyway.  SHE TRIED!  That's got to count for something, right?

You should see her belly, it's like she has a baby in there.  A poop baby. Nobody thinks a poop baby is cute.  NOBODY.  EVER. 

Oh God, it's come to this.  I'm BLOGGING about my child's poop (technically, the lack of poop, but when you boil it down, it's about POOP.  Ew, boiling poop.  I think I just threw up a little.)

And I am so tired and my husband is so far away, trapped in a hotel without us and he's working 16+ hour days and is sick and is lonely and you know what this means?  It means when he gets home, HE GETS TO SLEEP IN.  Because his situation wins in the "SUCK" department.  

Not that I want mine to win.  I mean, all I got is a kid who won't poop and a whole bushel of tired.  And a sore throat, but it's almost all better.  

Can someone make her poop so I can stop obsessing about it and stop writing the WORST POST EVER?


But just make it wait until morning.  It's late here and she's asleep and I should be and really, nine am is totally good for me. M'kay?

Oh, and Allyn, you SO want to be a mommy now, don't ya?  I swear I'm never going to convince her it's a good thing if I keep posting this kind of crap.  People who live in my computer, go tell my lovely Allyn friend that parenting doesn't suck and she totally wants to get knocked up.  TELL HER, because clearly I cannot be trusted to do the job right.