The power of positive thinking

OK, so I asked for poop at 9am and y'all were three hours late.  Still?  NOT COMPLAINING.  Anya finally pooped while we were playing at a friends house.  It was quite impressive and sadly, started in her underwear.  BUT still not complaining.  She pooped.  And she is happy.

She was kinda hitting her limit this morning with over the top whining and a need to constantly fidget whilst clinging to me.  I even stopped to get her a Jamba Juice on the way to our friends thinking if I could just get as much liquid into her as possible, she'd be better.  After a lengthy discussion regarding peach or mango I handed her the mango juice and she promptly started to whine.  "What is this?" she asked, a cry lingering at the end of her question.
"It's mango."
She took another sip while I replied, "Yes honey, I know you changed your mind and wanted peach but they were already making it so it's mango."
"NO.  It's not."
"Um.  What is it, then?"
Still whining and about to burst into tears, "It's Jamba Juice."
"Ah, OK.  It's Jamba Juice.  Mango Jamba Juice.  Do you like it?"
Bursting into tears she spit out, "YES!"


Can I just tell you how very happy I am that I didn't have to stick anything up her butt?  I know you all meant well and I would have done it if I had to but I am just so happy I didn't have to.  Really, I was counting on the power of positive thinking to make this work.  I figured if all of you were focusing on her pooping this morning, it was bound to happen.  So, thank you.  You all rock.

And seriously, the transformation in that kid was wild.  She went from a crazy, crying, clinging, fidgeting mess to a kid playing happily in the other room once she pooped.  All hail the power of regularity.  May we never lose it again.

And with that, may I (hopefully) never have to speak of poop again.