The Nutcracker

So last month at our Solstice Party one of my guests went out to her car at the end of the evening to find a five foot tall nutcracker standing next to her car with a note on it.  The note led her to a login but there wasn't much there to tell her what to do next, other than that the nutcracker should find a new home soon. 


This morning, with rain pelting the county, I offered to host playgroup here at the house and set to work baking and cleaning and trying to emulate some form of domesticity.  The house was over run with little people and their squabbles over toys and sticks and other inappropriate toys I had no idea were even in my house.  Anya got poked in the eye by a child who wanted a toy she was holding.  Typical playgroup.

When one of the moms went out to her car, there was the nutcracker, just waiting for her to take him home, a new note attached. 

First of all, this is not me, despite the fact that it keeps happening at my house.  I WISH it were me, because there is just something so brilliant about smuggling around a five foot tall nutcracker and foisting it upon unsuspecting mamas.  But I do want to make this soar.  I want to do more than have people sign in to an email account and send an email to themselves so the next person can see it.  To put it bluntly, I want to have people blog this thing.  

So here's the question:  I have the password to the account.   Do I take it over and set up the blogging instructions so people can take photos and post to the blog the adventures of the nutcracker?  I have a good idea who started this whole thing, but I'm not certain.  Should I ask the person I think is responsible if I can set it up to fly?  Should I take it and run?  Or should I just step back and see where this goes?