What happens when I drink

A bunch of moms from playgroup met up on Friday night after I sent out a desperate email titled, "need a drink".  Turns out we'd all had one of those days with our small charges and drinking was a must.  We had a blast.  Natalie surreptitiously videotaped me and Luci under the guise of taking a photo.  The result is somewhat incoherent.  I was on drink number three by then, so what the hell:

You're really hoping you're one of my Flickr friends right now as I was the obnoxious camera lady, pointing and capturing people at their best.  I left the truly awesome ones offline as I really adore these women and don't want them to shun me.  Although this one of Luci is freaking priceless and had to be posted.  She'll be thrilled I kept it to "friends only." 

But lemme tell you, blowing off a little steam did wonders for my marriage, parenting and life.  I was so much happier after spending some time with friends acting nothing like a mother.  I didn't even grumble when I had to get up before the sun to work the next morning.  Nope.  Didn't care, I was just too happy.  So we're making it a monthly thing.  Which I think is awesome. 

Anyone care to join us for a drink?