baked bliss


We had the first cold spell of the season this weekend and Mark, under demands from Lily for her "comfort," pulled out down comforters for their beds.  They rolled around in all that fluff, giggling and shouting out happy cries of "comfort!" no matter how many times I tried to tell them it was actually called a "comforter".  Whatever, they were happy.  And I can't say I blame them.  There's just nothing better than the cold snap of air in the bedroom while you snuggle under piles of blankets and dream of winter.  Especially if you live somewhere where "winter" is kind of a joke and you can wear short sleeves through most of it.

Sunday we were greeted with a cold house but the sun shone brightly onto the deck and we decided to eat our waffles out there.  I don't make pancakes or waffles every week, but with our recent commitment to keep Sunday unscheduled, I've been trying to make breakfast special as often as I can. 

And it was bliss.  Which you can clearly see on Ani's face above.

What did you do to make your weekend blissful?