so cute it hurts just a little

We got the proofs on Lily's first school pictures and they are ridiculously cute.  I feared that might happen and I want to buy them.  All.  And now I have to inflict that cuteness upon you:

Lily school photos, Kindergarten

I don't know what it means about me that my favorite is the cheesy posed one at the end with her little hands under her chin.  Also, am having a small panic attack about the fact that my child is old enough to have school photos taken.  But that's been going on for a while, so nothing new there.

How do I figure out what I really need?  They offer a $40 option where you get each photo on a disk, but will photo places print it for me or will they scream copyright and refuse?  I have no idea how to proceed.  Would a veteran parent (or someone not so prone to panic) please advise?

Which one is your favorite?