Our own Armada

before - hull

Slowly, but surely, my dear husband is filling our two acres of land.  What with, you ask? 


Yesterday he picked up a 14' West Wight Potter (Mark I) for free off Craigslist.  It's missing it's keel and judging from the debris and bird poop inside, some large water bird hatched and reared a family in the damn cabin; but all in all, she has good bones.  They don't even make the 14 foot model anymore since the design morphed into a 15 foot and then was complimented with a 19 foot model.  This one was a find, indeed, and the woman who listed it for free had no idea how popular the Potter's are, shocked at the response when she posted this one.  Mark was the first to call though, so with a couple of hours of gas guzzled by the truck, it was his. 

It's a wee little boat, compared to the 22' and the 25' we currently own.  However, it will be sea worthly much quicker than the others and will cost less to fix up, assuming we can find a hunk of steel to use for a keel, of course.  But she'll fit us four snugly and provide a nice primer for the girls to learn on, since she's much easier to handle than the bigger boats.  You can sail her solo, while the other two would be a bit harder to run if you were on your own (though not impossible).  My step-dad joked that with just one more boat on the lot we could claim to own a fleet. 

All Mark does is talk boats now.  He keeps threatening to open up a boat blog, so he can track their progress and share his adventures with the legions of sail boat enthusiast out there, of which he seems to know many.  Three years working on a private yacht in the Caribbean and Mexico has indelibly marked that man of mine with a taste for saltwater and I'm really going to have to figure out how NOT to be sea sick, least he leave me for a lass who is more at home on the water.  Once, while we were whispering in the dark after bedtime I shared with him my fear that he would find a younger woman who loved sailing as much as he and his reply was, "I'm hoping I already found two of them."

I shall keep him, methinks.

And I guess that means, I shall also have a fleet.