Halloween is exhausting. Seriously, can I just admit that right now?

I'm pretty sure we went non stop on Halloween day from the crack of dawn until we died.

Lily's school has a Halloween festival every year and our playgroup was having a party in the park to celebrate the holiday (as well as a birthday boy). This meant the kids spent the whole day in their costumes. For the record, Lily was a witch and Anya was a ballerina. Which, after we saw the costume she'd put together, we reclassified as a "Be-bop-erina" and then made sure everyone "knew" what her costume was so as not to anger the tiny thing doing pirouettes in her poodle skirt.

my girls

Mark had Jury duty, so after dropping him off downtown we headed to Lily's school where the playground had turned into a haunted house and she quickly found her fellow witch friend.

Lily and her witch twin

From there we hit the party in the park, which was a right honorable blast and then went BACK to Lily's school to catch the costume parade and carnival.

working together

Then home to nap. Thank God.

Mark and I had disagreed a wee bit about where to trick-or-treat.  Last year we were in Mexico, the year before that we did the trick-or-treat thing in my dad's neck of the woods so we could join my sister and her family (and yes, Anya was wearing the same skirt that she is this year), in oh-five we were up in Northern California visiting the Mister's mom on Halloween and before that, things are a little fuzzy.  Mark was insistent that we try our own neighborhood, despite the fact that it's horrendously hilly, has no sidewalks and nobody was home. 

our street

So we jumped West a few blocks and found a good street to hit, scoring about every second or third house.  We live in a predominantly black neighborhood and it was like a mini Obama rally at some of the houses.  One older gentleman and I started talking and he got me all teary when he started comparing Obama to Martin Luther King, Jr.  He held up two fingers and said, "They walk the path together, those two.  We can do it, honey. It's time for a change."  We also managed to pick up a 13-year-old and her younger sister, who had been driven into the neighborhood by mom and then told to go it alone.  The older sister was clearly not comfortable walking dark streets alone and so attached herself to our family with a tiny request.  "Of course you can." I told her and she replied, "You seem like nice people."  We passed by her mother at one point, who was sitting in their car and I made light-hearted conversation, all the while wishing she could see how strong and yet frail her 13-year-old really was.  I should have told her how proud I was of her kid for making smart choices in her discomfort and then asked her to join us for the last few houses.  Instead we told her the girls would hit a few more houses and then come back to the car.

By the time we got home there was just enough time to sort candy, have one peice and get ready for bed.  Mark and I wrapped up the night with wine and cheese on our very comfy couch. 

How was your Halloween?


Totally forgot to mention it yesterday, but November 1st marks the first day of NaBloPoMo.  Let's see if I can keep up the tradition of blogging every day in the month of November!