Why Facebook & Theatre Geeks are perfect together

Elaine thinks the rain is bit confused. Come down or stay up, just COMMIT for more than 30 seconds.

Sherri: The rain wants to know what its motivation is before it can commit.

Karen: It's motivation is... "the director will recast the part if the rain can't commit"

Sherri: In that case, the rain has decided to come down forthwith.

Karen: When it comes down, it should come down right.

Sherri: The rain doesn't feel there is a "right" or "wrong" way to come down, but would like to try different tactics each time to keep it fresh.

Karen: The rain should use whichever method or tactic it wishes, but the director would like the rain to come down right as opposed to down LEFT! And watch out for those footlights.

Sherri: The rain feels the director is overly technical, and the rain prefers to use the method approach. The rain will be in its trailer sipping tea and getting into character until showtime.

George: But is this rain based on TRUTH? I cannot accept rain that is merely INDICATING.

Sherri: "THIS" rain is deeply offended at the mere suggestion it might be "indicating"! "This" rain now refuses to come down until an apology is forthcoming.

George: Mr. Rain will get no apology from ME! Apres moi le DROUGHT!

Sherri: Mon Dieu! This rain now refuses to perform! You won't have this rain to kick around any more! Good day, sir...I said "GOOD DAY"!

George: Comprendez vous LAWSUIT, Monsieur Rain?

Karen: The director has arrived in said trailer and wants the rain to know that it has every right to be upset. It knows how these theater types are. And by the way, your performance last night was just remarkable! And your silver lining is just so lovely lately. Can I get you another cup of tea?

Elaine: The producer regrets to inform the audience that due to budget shortfalls the performance has been canceled. Now get out, they're about to bulldoze the building.

Sherri: The rain just woke from a fitful sleep induced by too much Sleepytime tea to find that the building has been razed, the show has closed, and the rain is out of a job! The rain wishes its agent would return its calls...

Amanda: The rain is reluctantly and self-loathingly going into sales.