Laundry Day!

With my family of four I do anywhere from 5-7 loads of laundry a week and this week I wanted to get an idea of what is in those loads. 

Usually the sorting breaks down like this:
2 loads of colors
1 load of whites
1 load of jeans/pants
1 load of rags/towels
1 load of sheets 

Sometimes the rags or towels can go in with the whites or colors.  Sometimes the sheets get some friends as well.  Sometimes we have so many towels or the rags are nasty enough that they get their own run.

As for specifics, here's what I found this Sunday:

General stuff:
2 aprons (we made cookies this week and it got messy)
5 kitchen towels (which often double as napkins)
2 kitchen washcloths
8 rags
2 napkins (see kitchen towels above for lame excuse re: low number of napkins)
3 bath towels
3 hand towels
1 swim towel (there should be two... hmmm)
1 washcloth
1 queen size sheet set (we alternate each week with our sheets, then the kids... unless someone is sick or gross)
1 body pillow case

Elaine's things:
4 pairs of pants
9 tops (some are items I layer and this week we not only had thermal-under-a-tee weather, but we ALSO had double-tank-top weather)
1 night gown (made by Allyn that I LOVE and wear all the damn time)
7 pair of underwear (I'm always ready to get hit by a car)
5 bras
7 pair of socks
1 pair of jammie socks with a hole in them

Mark's things:
2 pairs of pants (I'm really hoping he's just rehanging cleanish work pants)
8 tops
5 pair underwear (he is clearly NOT ready to be hit by a car)
5 pair of socks (he often goes barefoot or sandled on the weekend)
1 bandanna (he tore apart a boat this week)

Either Girl things:
6 dresses
2 swim suits (swim class, yo)
2 leotards (for dance class)
1 pair of tights (Anya this week)
1 pair of babylegs (Anya this week)
6 pairs of socks plus 3 effing singles

Lily's things:
5 pairs of pants (she's finally moving on from the "all skirt, all the time" lifestyle)
2 skirts
7 tops
8 jammies (some are parts of sets, but their such a mis-mash, it's hard to say what's happening here)
5 underwear

Anya's things:
1 pair of pants
1 pair of shorts
2 skirts
6 tops
10 jammies (some are parts of sets, but their such a mis-mash, it's hard to say what's happening here)
8 underwear

I'm curious as to what you wash in a week as well so if you're game, play along on your own blog and leave a link or just give me an outline in the comments below.

In other news, this could be the most boring post ever published, but eh, what's a girl to do?