rocking the date night co-op

Tonight we hosted date night.  You remember date night?  We started our little babysitting co-op a little over a year ago and it's been a blast.  Mark and I have LOVED the consistent opportunity to get out together without our wee ones hanging around, the kids always have an absolute blast and while it's somewhat insane to have eight screaming girls racing through the house, it's SO worth it.  It's also been such a delight to learn about the personalities of the kids, figuring out who is the instigator, the manipulator, the care-taker, the musician, the quiet one, etc.  The roles shift as the girls grow and I'm always thrilled to see what they come up with when we cut them loose in the yard or on the deck after dinner.

drawing on the deck with Ella

Oh course, some nights you drop a child on their head.  In front of some of the other parents.  Or you lose your cool and yell at someone.  Or feed them too much sugar and then they all spiral out of control until you have a houseful of tear stained children and your friends are all laughing at you.

Anya dance

But mostly? It's such a great comfort to me to think of these kids growing up spending Saturday nights together.  We don't go to church and when I was growing up, that was one of the main sources of groups for this kind of thing.  Community is the only thing I have ever missed about church and with this gang of girls, I kinda feel like I ain't missing a thing. 

dance party

Have you started your own date night co-op?  Are you considering it?  I highly recommend!