Flickr photo fun

I'm still on track for completing this years NaBloPoMo, but tonight am too tired to do anything thoughtful (I say that as though posting my laundry for the week is actually, you know, deep or something).

So instead, I offer you a Flickr game.

Grab the nearest book.  I happen to be in my office where there is precious little fiction, so we're stuck with "The Experts' Guide to Marking the Arts" from my NAMP training.

Open to any random page in the book.  I'm in section 7.7.

Scan the page for a word you might have used in your photo stream.  I went with "marketing" which returned nine hits (although, to be fair, Flickr decided that "market" would work as well). 

Here's my two favorite shots from that selection (click on the photos for more about them):

This TV will change your life*
This one because it was a fun study in how marketing can color your results


Fish watching
And this one because I like it.

Wanna play?  Put your links in the comments!