Lily is obsessed with pen and paper. 

She spends hours everyday just copying letters and words and finding any random thing to draw or write upon.  She wants to read and write and draw the best pictures ever.  It's rare that I see her without a writing implement in her hand.  She is constantly shoving strings of letters into my hands and asking me to read what she wrote.  I do my best, but with, "hskjhfay sbvdla skh eywe hfalsdh" it can be a challenge.  Sometimes she hands me a paper with full sentences she's copied, but the words are all run together and when she comes to the end of the paper she simply carries on to the next line, caring not that the word is now split in half.  Right now, she's making a book about mermaids.

This is all very awesome.  Brilliantly so, in fact.

But this?  This is my couch:

This is my couch, people

HaH, indeed.