Annual Turkey Live Blogging

For the last two years I've live blogged our Harvest Dinner* prep, with me trying to roast a turkey as well as do a crapload of other food stuff. This year I'm keeping it simple with my commitment to the meal limited to a turkey and cranberry sauce. Even the gravy will be made by someone else, abet with the drippings from my Turkey. In the last two years I did everything the day of our party. This year, I wised up and did the cranberries and some of the turkey prep on Saturday. Each year the guest list grows a little, which is ridiculous but somehow unavoidable. This year we have a total of 20 people coming (including us four) with five of them being in the five-and-under set. The last two years I've put the turkey in at noon, only to have it ready a full two hours before dinner. This year I have a bigger turkey, so will compromise by putting it in at 1pm. I am SO in control.

So here goes nothing, your annual live blogging of a turkey roast. Come back throughout the day for updates or just wait until midnight and see what I managed to get posted.

5:00 am - Anya starts yelling from her bed. Again. We consider selling her but instead steadfastly refuse to carry her downstairs and tell her to comer join us whenever she wants. She wails for 15 minutes until Lily abandons her for our room. About three minutes later we are all four of us smashed into our Queen size bed.

7:00 - Kids go upstairs to fight.

8:00 - Mark and I roll out of bed to cleaning (him) and start the laundry (me).

8:30 - How do you roast garlic again? Oh, right!

8:45 - Should really get off the computer and go roast the damn garlic. Also, some music would be nice.

9:00 - Girls actually cleaning up their room. Can someone look out a window and let me know if you see any flying pigs?

9:10 - Garlic is roasting. Chopping sage for the Turkey. Cannot eyeball 3 tablespoons. Grrr.

9:15 - first load of laundry in the dryer and the second in the wash. We're so on a roll.

9:30 - Mark is hanging lights over the deck! Purdy! I'm still working on Turkey prep, getting the garlic-sage-butter ready and the pom molasses part mixed. AH! Beeper for the roasted garlic! RUN!

9:31 - garlic is not roasted. Back into the fire with you. Um, am I already talking to the food? Maybe I should have some breakfast.

9:43 - have just learned two things: 1.) how to "drain horseradish" and b.) draining horseradish makes you cry like a baby.

9:45 - garlic is roasted. And I still need to eat something. But not the garlic.

10:12 - kitchen clean (for now) and I'm cooking up eggs and toast. Anyone need breakfast?

10:21 - I like me so much better when I've eaten. Running off to Target for a few things.

11:50 - back from Target. That place is like a magical playground when you're there without kids. Also, while there saw a friend and learned a secret. It's a good one. A very, very happy one.

12:08 - All the naughty little kids in this house have been ordered to bed for naptime. And hey, wasn't I doing laundry? Need to deal with that. Also? The turkey needs to make it in the oven by one pm. Who's laying bets I'll get it in there late?

1:08 - Turkey in the oven.  And can I just say that handling raw poultry is icky?  It is.  It's very icky.

1:15 - Tables are set, lights are up and Mark is reparking cars to make sure we have enough room to park guests.  Girls are, thankfully, still napping.

1:16 - I'm an idiot;  I totally jinxed it: Anya is now awake and inexplicably demanding candy.

1:55 - Dishwasher running.  Coffee pot set to brew at 6pm.  Mugs, sugar jar, cream all set nearby the pot.  Gravy boats found! Last load of laundry in dryer.  I could use some cleaning, but first the bathroom needs some attention, it's scary in there!

2:00 - You know other thing is icky? Cleaning toilets.

2:21 - What does one do with that little sack of giblets from inside the turkey?

2:32 - Hey, that new Genius thing on iTunes is kinda cool.

2:43 - I really need a shower.  Especially considering we told people they could come anytime after 3pm.

3:03 - AH! Showers are NOT icky!  I feel awesome.  And hungry.

3:30 - First guests have arrived!  Luckily, just moments after Anya dropped a deuce in the bathroom next to the front door.  I bet that was a lovely way to be greeted!

4:00 - Turkey claims to be done.  I don't believe it and shall simply ignore it's ridiculous claims.

5:34 - Turkey HAD lied and is now ready to eat.  Everyone is here and a huge gaggle of girls (or should we go with murder of crows?) are running wild through the house.  Mark is carving, the sides are all ready to eat, John's home brew beer is being consumed... so far, this is perfect.

6:28 - Dinner is done and the kitchen is being cleaned by friends.  There are pies making their way to the table and a full pot of coffee ready to share.  Three friends aren't here, but claim they are coming.  The children are insane.

6:38 - final group of friends arrive.  We are complete.

7:29 - The pies have been consumed, the friends have not.

8:14 - Everyone has headed for home, not too late past the little ones bedtimes.  The dishwasher is full and running and the rest are stacked by the sink.  I still need to pick apart the bird and put the bones on for stock.  Seems that everyone had a blast and the food was all amazing!  YAY for a successful party!

Wannabe Hippie, over and out.


* A friend suggested I rename this event the Fall Feast of Friends. But then we thought that sounded like you were there to EAT your friends and so thought maybe Fall Feast for Friends might be more appropriate. Either way, there's LOTS of food and even more friends. It's lovely.

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