Tooth Monster: the concept drawing

Lily's loose tooth is still hanging on, causing her to eat sideways (which I love) and demand only soft food (which I don't love).  She cannot wait for the sucker to fall out and after reading Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth is thrilled, over the moon, excited at the prospect of getting a dime for the little chunk of her face.  I was set to give her a buck for her very first tooth, but if a dime is what she's settled on, I'm not going to fight her.

So anyway, we have nothing with which to safely transport the tooth to the fairy and so I suggested we made a Tooth Monster pillow to hold onto the tooth. 

"But it has to be a silly monster, Mom.  We don't want to scare the Tooth Fairy away."

She's brilliant, my girl.

After swim class on Monday I marched her into the fabric store and told her to pick four colors of felt.  She was thrilled to be in charge and carefully hemmed and hawed and made a lot of noise while she picked out one pink, one brighter pink, one purple and one light blue.  Then she proudly told the lady at the counter what we were up to and the lady said, "For that, you're getting 20% off."  I'm totally making her wiggle that tooth at everyone now.

Once we got home I cut her out some paper and asked her to draw her Tooth Monster.  Here's what she came up with:

tooth monster pillow

At the top you see the silly face, complete with a mouth in which to put her tooth in and a tongue for keeping the tooth from falling out.

The bottom image is his back and you can see that the monster is decorated with purple triangles, instead of spots.  Tooth Monster also has a tail and a "swirly bit", just for kicks.

I've been working on sewing him up ever since and am thisclose to done.  I'm just trying to figure out how to finish his stuffing closure and once I do, will show him off in all his glory.  I don't sew, really, so this has been extra fun.  But really, he looks surprisingly awesome and Lily is enchanted with the idea that she can draw something and her mother can then make it. FOR REAL LIFE (as she's so fond of saying these days).

With any luck, I'll have photos of Tooth Monster tomorrow.  For now, you'll just have to check out her concept drawing and let your brain go wild.