As American as Apple Pie

mmmm... pie

Before dinner I took a pile of apples, peeled and cored them, all the while telling myself that I was only baking this thing due to a glut of apples in my kitchen.  I refused to get my hopes up about tonight's election, remembering only too well what happened four years ago when I didn't believe that this country would be stupid enough to elect Bush for a second term.  I wanted to believe in my country again, but like a kid who has lost her big wheel to the bully on the playground, I didn't want to allow myself the dream of riding wild around the yard.  I could embrace Obama's message of hope, and yet, was afraid to let it run through me tonight.

Until Ohio went brilliantly blue.

When that happened?  I cut into my all American pie and passed out slices to my family, a la mode.

Here's hoping I'll wake up tomorrow with the taste of hope still lingering over the memory of hot apple pie.