the tiny dictator

Round about midnight, after Mark and I fallen into a hope induced slumber, we heard the distinct song of a child vomiting in the night.  Mark booked up upstairs while I slipped into the bathroom (a natural disaster could strike and I'd still need to pee before fleeing the house) and then I went up to see what needed cleaning.  Anya had fouled her bed and pillow so I swapped out a new case, laid out a towel and we threw her back in (Mark had handled the Anya cleaning).  He stayed with her and I got some sleep.  She tossed some more in the am so Mark took Lily off to school while I stayed with what was becoming our own little dictator.

"Mama, I want water.  With a lid.  You can set it over there."
"Mama, I want Word World. NOW!"
"Mama, my body is telling me I need more movies."
"Mama, I'm hungry. Make me a three tiered souffle with saffron and truffles and top it with a rare infusion of Tiki Berry vodka. Chop, chop, Mama.  I don't have all day."

You get the idea.

I let her spend most of the morning attached to the couch, gazing lovingly up at the TV.  She took a nap, then watched a bit more TV while plastered to my chest until I talked her into taking a bath.  The bath has magical properties.  Did you know?  Seriously, a good 20 minutes splashing around while her Barbies made out like teenagers and she was feeling ready for some lunch.

"How 'bout some soup?" I asked.
"This kind of sick doesn't like soup." She matter-of-factly stated.
"Oh? How about rice?"
"Nope.  This kind of sick doesn't like rice either."
"Hmmmm... would this kind of sick like some warm oatmeal?" She thought about this for a couple of moments. "With raisins?" I threw in, knowing she'd likely be unable to resist.
"Yes. This kind of sick loves oatmeal with raisins."

Good to know "this kind of sick" is so specific.

I'm thinking she's on the mend physically, but I know (from experience) that the tiny dictator will likely hang out for as long as possible.  Anyone have a recipe for a three tiered souffle with saffron and truffles, topped with a rare infusion of Tiki Berry vodka?