Lily's totally into surprises lately.  Part of the surprise is keeping her dad (who the surprise is always for... no, I'm not at all bitter) out of the immediate surprise area until it's ready.  Unfortunately, she often forgets to carry through with the surprise and instead, Mark returns home from work to find this on the front door:

Watch out

In case you're wondering, the message there is not that rattle snakes should stay out of our house (although they should. Absolutely.), it's that Daddy should stay out so that he is not repeatedly bitten by rattle snakes.  Not that we have rattle snakes around here.  Just Gopher Snakes.  Nonetheless, Mark acts appropriately horrified and screams like a little girl to show that he is intimidated.  Then he stands around outside while Lily's screeches with glee and then throws a hastily drawn picture at him: yes, that's the surprise.  This is one of the many things that will eventually win him that father of the year award he so covets.

Sometimes her messages are a bit less threatening:

At least she said "Please"

I'm thinking that rattle snake is holding a fork.  Or a spatula.  Or maybe an open book?  Regardless, I'm going to have to buy more tape.