Holiday Tea Party

This last weekend we had a little Mommy and Me Tea Party at a friends house with a decidedly Holiday theme.  It was amazing.  One of the moms had picked up a whole bunch of tea cups for the kids to take home.

pick one

My girls ended up with the kitty ones.

I brought some (Trader Joe's made) dumplings and there were cookies and all sorts of delicious yummy items.  Both my happy girls sat with their favorite (this week) friend, Nina.  Nina meditated on her tea, it was so good.

meditating on her tea

There was a ton of running about like wee little freaks:


And Anya perfected her "NO" stomp:

saying NO!

And there was even some CPR practice in the bedroom:

See what O's doing?

And of course, candy canes to turn your tongue red:

red tongue

Overall, it was splendid and wonderful and we were all thrilled that the mamas could hang out at the table (with God showing off) while the kids played and just enjoy each others company.  Thanks to Sabrina for hosting!