No way I can catch up (ish)

I keep trying to write these epic posts where I catch up on all I haven't shared lately.  So much going on this time of year and every time I try to recap I start to hyperventilate.  So I'll stop trying and just allow the past to be the past(ish).

Yesterday was a wicked busy day.  Usually we spend Sunday's doing laundry while eating random items from the fridge and monkeying around like idiots.  We watch TV.  We roll around on the floor.  We do nothing of intrinsic value.  Contrastly, here's what we did yesterday:

I pruned three trees.  Some of them fought back.  I won, of course, but have battle scratches to prove they put up a good fight.  Also?  Ow.

I did the requisite laundry.

We painted approximately 1/6 of the living room.  This should also get an "OW" attached.  So much running up and down ladders and stairs is ridiculous.  See, we have this really funky house.  Have you seen our living room?  It's stupid big.  The North wall is about 30 feet tall and then it slopes dramatically downward towards the dining room, where it's normal people height(ish). Here, this will give you a good idea of what I'm babbling on about:

Our funky home

Off to the left is North(ish), so it goes from Living Room to Dining Room as you move right across the picture.  Also in there is a kitchen and bathroom as well as a small, high-in-the-sky office.  I tell you all of this so you understand that 1/6 of my living room is really quite an impressively large bit of wall space to paint.  Those of you with normal houses not made for 26 foot tall giants (who like to stoop as they travel South) would otherwise think I'm a whiny bitch (which I am, but not this time).  And I have photos of the paint job that show off the brilliance that it resulted in, but they are way over there in the part of the house that it currently leaking all over, since it's been raining all day.  And me?  I don't really like firing up my computer in a rain storm.  So you're getting this update as I crouch in a corner typing away on a computer used mostly for watching TV (we ditched cable... which was a story in and of itself).  Anyway, this photo kind of give you an idea of the area in question:

Mark and the illusive Nate

We painted the wall with the fireplace in it, the inset above it and the stair facing.  OK, now that I laid it out for you all, it doesn't look as impressively big as it did just moments before.  Whatever, just come over and I'll show you.

And our wee little precious bits of DNA just kept begging for food and entertainment and affection ALL DAY LONG.  Then the dog kept getting all happy and wagging her tail at the paint.  Bitch. 

So, yeah.  Today was spent in pain.  Mark would call it a good pain but he would be wrong. 

What did you do with your Sunday?  I'm hoping at least one of you spent it eating random items from the fridge and monkeying around like idiots while watching TV and rolling around on the floor. I'm wanting just one of you to say, "Elaine, we did nothing of intrinsic value."  Can you do that for me? 

If so, I'll get off my tired ass and post photos of the completed project tomorrow.  Pinky swear.